Top Five Great Things About Hubble Contacts

Thu, July 15th, 2021

Buying anything vaguely “medical” can be a bummer. Dealing with the endless appointments and follow-ups with doctors, trudging through fluorescently lit drug stores trying to find the pharmacy counter to place your prescription, spending hours waiting and reading the backs of increasingly obscure over-the-counter products to pass the time—it isn’t great. We know, even buying something as seemingly simple as contact lenses is not necessarily someone’s idea of a good time. But, given how much of a frustrating, difficult experience it can generally be to lay hold of your medical necessities, Hubble streamlined the process to be as pain-free—and, dare we even say, mildly relieving?—as possible. In fact, you might find yourself enjoying yourself as you go through our simply defined steps of getting your prescription, ordering, shipping, and—perhaps most importantly—wearing some brand new lenses. Seeing clearly is of course wonderful, so cutting the rest of the difficulty, and getting to a crisp pack of lenses as swiftly and easily as possible, is part of what makes Hubble a great place to get your contacts.

What We’re Made Of: The Good Stuff, and Plenty of It

Our lenses are artfully made with a trim edge,  designed to be easily popped into your eye, so you’ll have less futzing trying to get the actual contact in. They also have a 55% water content and are constructed of a hydrogel material, with protection from UV. Perhaps best of all, they are affordable, and shipped to you in packs of easily separable dailies. This means you can have a ready stack and supply on hand, to have a fresh pair ready to go every morning, or whenever you might want to swap in a new pair. Knowing you aren’t damaging your bottom line in ordering your contacts means you will have peace of mind when making the healthy choice of popping in a new pair each day.

Get your $1 box of Hubble contacts

Start off With a Pleasantly Low-Priced $1 Box

We are confident that once you start out with Hubble contacts, you will be hooked. That’s why we want to make it as easy as possible for you to get your first box. We currently have an alluring offer where you can receive your first box of 30 lenses for only $1. (You’re basically just paying the $1 for shipping and handling so we can get the lenses to your door.) After that, if you love the lenses as much as we think you will, you could choose to subscribe for our reasonable rate of $36 (plus $3 to send the things to you) for 60 total lenses each month. That’s a lot of freshness for not a lot of money—another winning combination.

Easily modify your order

Speaking of which, part of what makes Hubble great is our streamlined, simplified, user-friendly ordering experience. We want things to be as easy, and carefree as possible, hence why we are wedded to the idea of the subscription. Want to avoid the frustration of looking into your medicine cabinet, and finding an empty lens box right when you need a pair? And, don’t have the time to trek out your door to track down a quick box in a pinch? That’s why with Hubble you’ll get a box delivered right when you need: to ensure you get it right when you need it, and put it out-of-mind. But, we also don’t want to send you more than you need. That’s why we also made it incredibly simple to alter and modify your order and subscription once you start it. Don’t need as many contacts as you thought? Or, do you go through more than one pair a day? Switch-up your order cadence in a flash.

Hubble is committed to making things easy and stress-free

We like to think of ourselves as a friendly, agreeable brand wholly dedicated to the customer experience. This translates into making sure any questions or issues you have are handled quickly, and with a high degree of satisfaction. Feel free to write to us through our customer service email,, and we will do whatever we can to resolve your query. We also want to make things simple for you through our clean, colorful, and intuitive web interface. Easily scroll and peruse to learn more about our story, the careful and deliberate way we produce our lenses, and view and manage your subscription. Also, you can interact with our ordering operations to be guided through your submission of relevant vision and prescription criteria, drawn through the sign-up process with a minimum of fuss. We also want the site to read as a time-saving, information-rich editorial, so hearing more about our philosophy, materials, and the entire system through which we send you lenses is a pleasant and informative experience. 

Our packaging and design aesthetic is top-notch

We know there’s an extra charge of excitement when you receive a beautifully designed package in the mail. Who wants a drab, colorless packaging in their bathroom when you can have a sleek box with our minimalistic layout and soft, eye-catching hues? (It’s okay to inspire some shelf envy.) We try to amplify and make a little less banal, and functional, the entire process of taking care of your eyes, so receiving your newest stock feels like less of a necessity, and chore, and more like getting your long-awaited pair of shoes, or closely-won online-auction item, in the mail. We also highly recommend you check us out on Instagram. You will certainly see some aspirational #lifestyle content, maybe inspiring you to take your lenses on a little trip to a seaside villa, or seeing brilliantly colored flowers in crisp outline. Overall, we want to show you the world that you’ll be able to see much better with the proper prescription, contacts, and supply. Plus, you can go ahead and fantasize about maximizing your vision by laying your peepers on various international, intercontinental vacation spots. What’s a sunset outside the windowpane of the remote cottage you’re staying in if you can’t see it clearly and comfortably?

Get your $1 box of Hubble contacts