Our Favorite Frames for this Festive Season

Fri, December 17th, 2021

The festive holiday season is upon us again—a time for seeing loved ones and friends and enjoying various seasonal events. 

It goes without saying, we want to look our best and our frames are just as vital to our appearance as our outfit of choice. 

We browse the internet blindly, looking for fall and winter fashion trends and the latest hot-ticket eyeglasses, and may quickly become overwhelmed by the surplus of information. 

Fret not—we've compiled a list of frames you can't go wrong wearing this holiday season. We've done the homework so that you can sit back, relax and enjoy the festivities with your stylish new frames on display.

And the best part is every one of our trendsetting frames comes in single vision, non-prescription, or readers with a blue light filtering option. 

Frames by Hubble for Women:

Women's eyewear trends constantly change and adapt to match the latest fashion and lifestyle needs. 


The Covid-19 pandemic brought about a lot of change for the vision space, with one being larger frames to help prevent eyeglass fogging while wearing masks. 

  • Try our Nebula frames in black tortoise if you're searching for frames that will pair perfectly with daily mask wear to aid in preventing mask fogging


Brighter colors have been all the rage all through 2021, and the hottest color trends for this festive season are illuminating yellow, vibrant red, and grassy green—according to fashion color experts Pantone. 

  •  Try our Lyra frames in mars crystal to give any holiday outfit a vibrant pop. 


The trend of smokey clear and transparent glasses has been a fan favorite during 2021 and looks to keep enduring well into 2022. The neutral color scheme is a fantastic choice—making it easy to pair with any outfit. 

  • Try our Luna frames in champagne crystal if you're looking for sleek transparent glasses that both look impressive and provide a modern feel. 


A tried and true eyeglass trend has been cat-eye frames, and they've made quite the comeback in 2021. Many women were emerging out of lock-down with months of pent-up fashion statements to make up for, and nothing truly makes a statement during the holidays like cat-eye glasses. 

  • Try our Ophelia cat-eye frames in blush tortoise and make a statement at every festive event this season. 

Frames by Hubble for men:

Men's eyeglass trends have evolved from simply a method to see the world to a statement piece that changes how the world sees you. 


Some fashion trends never really go out of style, like classic square frames. Traditional frames pair well with suits—where professional attire is a must. Although, you can never go wrong wearing classic frames with just about any attire. 

  • Try our Callisto frames in black tortoise for a sleek traditional look this holiday season. 


An eyeglass trend that rapidly grew to be men's go-to glasses is clear frames—glasses with a clear translucent frame pair perfectly with any outfit and complexion, giving you the perfect accent this festive season. 

  • Try our Polaris frames in champagne crystal to make your eyes the focal point at any event. 


Large eyeglass frames have grown in favor in 2021 and will continue to be a stand-out choice through 2022. Not to mention they aid in alleviating eyeglass fogging. Oversized glasses are the best way to steal the spotlight at every party. These frames are the perfect accent for any outfit.

  • Try our Artemis frames in soft slate for a dapper look at all the festivities. 

Vintage round frames bring about an iconic, sophisticated look with a hint of contemporary edge. Round frames have stood the test of time and continue to be a leading eyewear trend for men. 

  • Try our Galileo round frames in sunspot tortoise to pair your sophisticated side with modern flare guests are bound to notice during Holiday dinners. 

Gender-neutral Frames by Hubble:  

Since the 80's the fashion world has been partaking in a more inclusive revolution from early on unisex collections to the modern-day blurring of gender lines altogether. The present-day and future of fashion is all-inclusive, and so should frames. 

This year's fashion trends are all about making statements that speak all for themselves. To make an entrance no one will forget, you'll want to try bold colors and eclectic frame shapes. 

  • Try our Juno frames in aurora tortoise and be the center of attention at any holiday event. 

If you're in search of a classic fashion trend that pairs perfectly with any attire while looking classy and sleek, you'll love square eyeglasses in a neutral color scheme. The bonus, these frames help keep your mask in place and aid in preventing eyeglass fogging.

  • Try our Artemis frames in black tortoise and bring timeless attention-grabbing sophistication to any event. 

It's no secret that clear frames are all the rage this year and look to hold strong within the fashion industry for the time to come. Translucent frames provide a studious yet sleek flattering appearance that blends perfectly with any festive attire. 

  • Try our Astrid frames in champagne crystal this holiday season and let your eyes be the center of attention. 

Searching for eyeglasses online can be a daunting task. At Hubble, we take the frustration out of shopping with our easy-to-use Try On feature—upload an image of your face and try on every pair that matches your festive fashion. 

Does your outfit need no frames?

You've done the work, scoured the internet and shopping plazas, and found that dream statement piece you had envisioned. The last thing you want is to take away from the magnetism of your attire. It may be time to consider daily disposable contacts that will allow your outfit to speak for itself. 

The ease and convenience of Hubble's daily disposable contact subscription make getting a fresh pair delivered to your doorstep a breeze. Email us a copy of your Hubble prescription and we’ll do the work on our end— all you need do to do is sit back, enjoy a cup of hot cocoa by the fire, and wait for your trusted daily disposable contacts to arrive in the mail. 

You're ready to attend that much anticipated holiday affair with your outfit getting all the attention it deserves! 

Whether you're making a statement with bold frames or throwing on a fresh pair of daily disposable contacts to couple with your festive outfit, remember to laugh and enjoy every moment of the fleeting Holiday season with all those closest to you. 



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