No tricks here, just amazing frames starting at $48

Whether you're in search of new frames, want to add some stylish new eyewear to your collection, or are thinking of trying out glasses for the first time, Hubble's got you covered! 

With ever-changing trends and so many styles to choose from, shopping for new frames can quickly become overwhelming. But, not to worry, we've outlined everything you'll need to know to input your glasses prescription, find the proper frames to fit your features, and order affordable glasses with ease that'll last you through whatever life throws at you. 

Spring is in the air, and spring fashion trends are already making their debut, but so are insufferable spring allergies. According to the CDC, seasonal allergies affect about 60 million people per year in the US. If you wear contact lenses, you're familiar with the battle and discomfort that can arise when seasonal allergies flare up. So you may have considered throwing glasses into the mix to fight those rough allergy-filled days. You've come to the right place because combating spring allergies is no laughing matter, and neither should the price you pay for your interim glasses be. 

With frames starting at just $48, you get to look your best and feel your best throughout this Spring season. Plus, we've done the fashion homework for you, so you don't have to. 

Ready to try new frames? 

Let's dive into everything you need to know to get affordable and stylish frames delivered right to your doorstep. 

Glasses Prescription:

You'll need to get an up-to-date eyeglass prescription, whether you're a first-time glasses wearer or switching over from contact lenses. 

Schedule an eye exam visit with your doctor or utilize Hubble's find-a-doctor portal to find a Hubble participating doctor near you. Your eyeglass prescription should look like the example below. 

 eyeglass prescription

Remember to ask your doctor to write down your PD (pupillary distance), on your prescription, you’ll need this to order your glasses. However, don't panic if you've seen your doctor and don't have your PD. Our blog post, What is pupillary distance and how to measure it yourself, will guide you through how to obtain an accurate PD right from the comfort of your home.

Side Note: Eyeglass prescriptions differ from contact lens prescriptions, so make sure you don’t use one for the other. Also, you do not need a prescription to purchase readers and blue light filtering glasses. 

Understanding your prescription:

You've got your script and are ready to start shopping for your new frames, but do you know what your prescription says about your vision correction needs and what frames you'll need to purchase? 

Understanding your prescription is pivotal to guaranteeing you see clearly with your new glasses. Our blog post on How to read your eyeglass prescription will shed light on what your prescription says about your vision. 

Additionally, the table below will aid in determining if your prescription lands within the range of vision correction that Hubble currently offers. If you have any questions in regards to whether or not Hubble offers your vision correction, feel free to reach out to our friendly customer service team via our Chat Portal 24/7, found on the bottom right-hand corner of our website, or email Hubble at One of our customer service reps would be happy to assist you!

  eyeglass prescription ranges


What Hubble doesn't currently offer for eyeglass lenses: 

  • We do not fill a prescription if the Sphere is greater than -11.75 or +8.00.
  • For blue light lenses, we do not fill prescriptions greater than -9.00 or +7.00.
  • For astigmatism, we recommend High Index if the Sphere is greater than +/- 2.50; we do not fill a prescription if the Cylinder is greater than +/- 4.00. 

The right fit matters:

Knowing which frame styles pair best with your face shape will help you always look your best and see as clearly as possible. Did you also know that everything from your eye color, skin complexion, and hair color can determine how well your frames will look on you? 

If you're even more confused than you were before you started, not to worry, we've got a blog post, How to find stylish frames that fit your features, that will walk you through finding the perfect frames to pair with your uniqueness—finding the right glasses for you has never been easier! 

Let's order some stylish new Frames by Hubble!

You're ready to order, so let's jump into why you're here; to find the most affordable fashionable eyewear trends of 2022—classic cat eyes, blush crystal frames, minimalist wireframe glasses, and many more. 

Every great outfit needs a statement piece, so let your eyes do all the talking this Spring.

Don't worry; Hubble's got your back with frames that will have everyone asking, "where did you get those?"

Stylish Frames by Hubble for women

With so many trends coming and going, it's hard to know what's still "in" and what has taken its last bow. Luckily Hubble's done a little fashion homework on your behalf. We've also outlined a few of our trendiest frames you're sure to love. 

Wireframe glasses are making quite the entrance in 2022 and have quickly become a fashion favorite. 

Wireframes with an Elegant Cat-Eye:

Now pair metallic wireframes with a sleek cat-eye, and you've got yourself a stand-out style piece. 

Hubble's Monique frames will have you wowing every room you enter. Monique comes in Mink with Gold Steel, Eclipse with Gold Steel, and Red Desert with Smoke Steel. 

Whichever color scheme you choose will give any outfit POP! 

      Monique Frames

Another trend that has no intention of leaving us is clear frames. These glasses let your eyes be the center of attention and can be dressed up or down to fit every facet of your life. 

Crystal Meets Tortoise:

If you're looking for crystal frames with flair, look no further than Hubble's Taro frames. 

Taro frames pair translucency with a subtle note of Tortoise and come in Pale Blue Crystal with Black Tortoise, and Blush Crystal with Sunspot Tortoise. In addition, Taro offers a non-tortoise choice of Clear Crystal with Amethyst for those looking to keep it casual. 

       Taro Frames

If you're looking to go bold or go home, Hubble's got your back with vibrant, edgy frames you have to add to your eyewear collection. 

Vibrant Color in Stand-Out Shape:

Hubble's Millie frames will make your eyes the focal point of any room. Millie frames come in two explosively vibrant colors, Matte Rose Crystal and Matte Lilac Crystal. If a more subdued appearance is your style, try Millie in Matte Soft Slate Crystal. 

     Millie Frames

Check out the entire Frames by Hubble Collection for more trendy frames for women. 

Stylish Frames by Hubble for Men:

Men's eyewear fashion has evolved over the last decade to include more expressive and bold frames. 

Of course, some fashion staples can't be touched, like good old fashion aviators. 


Aviators Steel the show:

Hubble's Bishop frames give aviators a whole new dapper appearance. 

Bishop comes in three colors, Eclipse Steel, Smoke Steel, and Gold Steel. Their delicate steel frame and refined design will have you looking stylish with any outfit choice. 

     Bishop Frames

Hipster eyeglasses have made their way outside of Brooklyn and have become increasingly popular amongst men of all styles. These frames pair eclectic fashion with bold creativity. 

The Notable Hipster:

Look no further than Hubble's Asner frames if you're looking for stand-out hipster frames.

The slender steel temples pair perfectly with the bold rounded frames. Hubble's Asner frames come in Sunspot Tortoise with Gold Steel, Eclipse with Gold Steel, and Clear Crystal with Smoke Steel. 

With three distinct looks to choose from, you'll have the perfect Hipster look to match any outfit choice. 

     Asner Frames

Whether you're looking for a trendy business look or eye-accentuating glasses, Hubble's got the frames for you. 

The Horn-Rimmed Resurgence:

Browline glasses trends of the '50s have made a comeback, and with good reason—pair this with horn-rimmed frames, and you'll look professional and bodacious all in one. 

Hubble's Dewey frames will have you giving off distinguished 1950's businessman vibes everywhere you go. These frames come in Matte Ash with Smoke Steel, Matte Eclipse with Smoke Steel, and Matte Sorrel with Gold Steel. 

Your eyes will be the headliner of every meeting!

       Dewey Frames

But why should you choose Frames by Hubble?

Hubble's poured the same dedication and affordability into Frames by Hubble as can be found in their contacts. Hubble firmly believes no one should have to choose between their wallet and their eye health. So it's no surprise Frames by Hubble start at just $48 and offer quality, comfortable frames with crisp, clear vision. 

You can choose from the Hubble Custom Collection or the new Hubble-Approved Frames.

Hubble's Custom Collection is made from hand-crafted high-quality cellulose acetate. This handmade plastic is durable and flexible enough to last through years of wear. 

The Hubble-Approved Frames Collection is thoughtfully sourced from a family-owned, top-level manufacturer in the US. These frames are made from various materials, sometimes more than one in a frame.    

       Hubble Approved Frames Materials

All of Hubble's high-quality lenses come with multiple protections already in place. 

  • Anti-reflective/anti-glare
  • Anti-scratch
  • Hydrophobic
  • Oleophobic
  • UV-Protection

Hubble also offers blue light filtering glasses and polarized sunglasses. 

Once you place your order, you can easily track it via Hubble's customer portal.

So, if you're in love with Frames by Hubble, don't stop at just one; after all, glasses are the new jewelry—get frames to match every unique aspect of your fashion and personality.