How to Fix Broken Glasses Metal Bridge at Home: A Guide

If you wear glasses, you may encounter the inconvenience of your glasses breaking. Of course, you need your glasses to read, study, work, or drive. You may not be able to visit a professional for repairs right away.  But what happens if your metal bridge is broken? Your eyeglass bridge is responsible for over 90% of the weight of your glasses. To repair your broken glasses nose bridge, simply look around your home for quick DIY items that can help.

How to fix a broken glasses bridge infographic

Prepare to Fix Broken Glasses Metal Bridge at Home

Fortunately, in many cases, broken glasses metal bridges can be fixed with a simple DIY repair. The first step in this process is locating the items needed. These could include:

  • Super glue

  • Adhesive tape 

  • Cotton swabs or wooden sticks

  • Rubbing alcohol

  • Glasses cleaning cloth 

  • Thick paper, such as magazine or wrapping paper 

  • Scissors

  • A mini drill

  • Nail polish remover 

  • Soldering tool

  • Tiny rubber bands

When conducting a DIY repair of glasses metal bridge, start by cleaning your pair of glasses to rid them of dirt that may prevent glue from adhering. Use rubbing alcohol and a glasses cleaning cloth to remove dust or debris from the glasses bridge.  

Cut a small piece of tape to the approximate size that matches the width of your frames. Wrap the glasses bridge with the tape. Be sure to use a hypoallergenic tape to prevent skin irritation. Hold the bridge firmly and steadily as you wrap the tape around the center to balance your frames.

Similarly if you have a broken plastic glasses bridge, you can also use the super glue method to secure the nose bridge and repair it yourself.


Repair Your Metal Bridge with Paper & Glue

If you don’t have tape on hand, another creative repair for your glasses metal bridge can be done using common household objects, paper and glue. Using glue can ensure bonding to keep the glasses from completely falling apart while you wear them. 
  1. Start by cleaning your pair of glasses to rid them of dirt or debris. 
  2. Using scissors, cut a small piece of paper that is the approximate width of the frames you want to repair. 
  3. Next, dab a small amount of glue on the paper and wrap it around the broken bridge as you would wrap an ace bandage.
  4. Repeat step 3 with multiple pieces of paper to strengthen the bond until the bridge feels sturdy enough to stay together on its own. Make sure to wait a few seconds between applications so the glue has time to set.
  5. Let the glue dry fully before use.
Throughout the entire procedure, the glasses should be positioned steadily. You’ll want to either ask for assistance holding them or place the pair on a level surface, hold firmly with one hand while wrapping the paper with the other. This method is best for a temporary fix until you can bring your glasses to professionals who can either repair them or replace them. Paper and glue will hold your glasses together for a period of a few days, and puts the pair at a high risk of breaking if you engage in any high-impact activities. 


Repair Your Metal Bridge with the Sewing Technique

You may be surprised to learn this, but the answer to repairing your broken glasses metal bridge could lie in your sewing kit, along with a few other crafty items you can find around the house. Sit your glasses down onto a firm surface, counter, or table covering the lenses with wax paper to protect the lenses. Match the two broken sides and use a tiny wooden stick to place between the temples of the eyeglasses, secured by tiny rubber bands. 

  1.  Sit your glasses down onto a firm surface, counter, or table covering the lenses with wax paper to protect the lenses.

  2. Match the two broken sides of the glasses and place a tiny wooden stick between the temples of the eyeglasses, secure the wooden stick using small rubber bands to ensure glasses stay together while you make the repair.

  3. Take your mini drill and drill a hole on each side of the break making sure that the holes are parallel.

  4. Take a threaded needle and pass the thread through the two holes several times until you’re unable to make more passes. A pro tip is to choose a color of thread that matches the color of your frames to make the repair more seamless.

  5. Complete the repair by filling the drilled holes with glue and wiping away any excess.

  6. Lastly, cut the edges of the thread and allow the glue to dry completely

It’s important to use a glue that’s compatible with the metal that your glasses bridge is composed of. The bond created by this solution is stronger than that of paper and glue, so you can feel confident your glasses should last a bit longer. 


Repair Your Metal Bridge with Soldering

Another method to repair glasses metal bridge DIY is welding or soldering. Keep in mind that while soldering kits are sold at hobby shops and online stores, this technique should only be performed by those with experience in the craft. 

If you’re interested in undertaking this process, here are the relatively simple steps to follow:

  1. On the center of the bent or broken bridge, secure the broken pieces with a small sturdy heat tolerable wire.

  2. Add an additional wire layer to fully ensure the bridge is balanced and weighted properly.

  3. Using a heat solder, apply the heat to the middle creating a bond between layers. Ensure no air pockets are created.

  4.  Allow the glasses to fully cool before use.

The pressure or bond of the heat should allow the glasses to be worn again until you can get them repaired or replaced. If you don’t feel comfortable soldering or are simply uninterested in acquiring the materials for this one-time fix, a professional repair shop might be your best choice.


Get Your Glasses Repaired Professionally

The above methods to repair broken glasses are temporary fixes until you are able to get your glasses repaired professionally. Take steps to protect your eyeglasses from unexpected breaks especially to the bridge of your glasses which are so important to the proper wear of your specs. If your glasses are no longer safe to wear, you should get them repaired or replaced with a professional.


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