How to find stylish frames that fit your features.

Wed, December 8th, 2021

Do you ever find yourself wearing frames that just don't quite fit right or complement your face?

64% of the adult population wears prescription glasses, and this number is projected to rise by 2050.

With so many of us needing glasses, shouldn't we wear the best fit for our face shape and features?

Hubble wants you to get the best fit possible when purchasing our eyewear — to assist you we've outlined vital aspects you should consider when shopping for your new frames.

Face Shape: 

What does your face shape have to do with finding the perfect frames? 

Everything! We come in all shapes, sizes, prominent and subtle features. Purchasing those WOW frames starts with understanding your face shape and accentuating your best features. 

Using your face shape to determine your frame style assures that you'll find a pair that not only compliments you but gives you all-day comfort.

The first step of course is figuring out what exactly your face shape is! When trying to figure that out, you'll likely find yourself feeling like you fit more than just one.

The truth is most of us don't have an exact match to square, circle, diamond, oval, or heart face shapes — we find ourselves torn between two— making it hard to find the right fit. 

Try to identify the face shape you feel best describes and emphasizes your features. If you are still feeling uncertain, various quizzes online can help you determine which face shape you most closely match. 

Once you've narrowed it down to one face shape, you can begin exploring all of the frames that'll fit you comfortably and make you look great. 

A great tip to remember when searching for frames that will jive perfectly with your face shape is opposites attract. 

Look for eyeglasses contrasting to your facial contours that bring symmetry and balance to your more prominent features. 

Let's break down each individual face shape and what styles and designs pair best with each to get you on your way to your perfect frames. 

  • Oval: An oval face has proportionally balanced features and dimensions, making it the most flexible face shape for pairing with different frames. To maintain the natural balance of your oval face shape, you'll want to wear frames that are as wide, if not a bit wider, then the broadest part of your face — emphasizing the natural balance of your face and adding angles to your soft curves. 

Recommendations: Almost all styles suit an oval face. Square or rectangular frames will help you add a little structure. Try Hubble's Nova, Andromeda, Callisto, and Titania frames. 

  • Square: Square-shaped faces are signified by their strong angular jawline and similarly broad forehead. They benefit from frames that sit higher on the nose to add length. Try narrow frame styles with more width than depth to make a square face look longer and soften its angles. With a square face, your goal is to draw attention away from the angular features by softening them — creating balance. 

Recommendations: Round frames work best in helping to soften out the more angular features. Try Hubble's Galileo, Kepler, and Polaris frames. 

  • Circle: Circle-shaped faces are equal in width and height and usually have less prominent cheekbones. The most important thing to remember when looking for the ideal frames for your circular face shape is to choose frames that work to add angles. You'll look great in bold angular glasses — adding sharpness and distinct lines to your face.

Recommendations: Rectangular frames work best by adding structure to a round face. Avoid small round frames, so your features don't become lost. Try Hubble's Ariel, Doppler, Lyra, and Titan frames. 

  • Heart: A heart-shaped face is characterized by its narrow jawline, wider forehead, and prominent cheekbones. To help reduce the apparent width of the top of the face, choose frame shapes that are wider at the bottom and more rounded — drawing attention to your eyes instead. You'll look great in winged-out frames that are slightly wider than your forehead helping to balance and compliment your features. 

Recommendations: Focus on wider frames that add symmetry to the width of your face, such as round or cat-eye. Try Hubble's Juno, Astrid and Ophelia frames. 

  • Diamond: This is the rarest-shaped face characterized by prominent cheekbones with a narrow forehead and jawline. To highlight the eyes and soften the cheekbones, try frames that have detailing or distinctive brow lines. Cat-eye shapes are also an excellent choice. 

Recommendations: Focus on rounder frames to help balance the face and highlight your best features. Try Hubble's Galileo, Kepler, and Polaris frames. 

Size and Fit: 

Now that you've got a list of recommendations that are sure to work with your face shape, there are other aspects to consider. 

The size and fit of your frames are pivotal to establishing a sense of visual balance. 

Your glasses should sit in the middle of your face, no higher than your eyebrows. 

The total width of your frames should match the width of your face at the temples, making sure to leave enough room on the sides to prevent digging or leaving marks. 

To achieve visual balance and guarantee comfort, you'll first need to understand frame measurements and their role. 

If you look at the inside of the temple of your glasses, you'll find a few numbers listed — for example, 50-19-159. Meaning your glasses have a lens width of 50 millimeters, a bridge width of 19 millimeters, and a temple length of 159 millimeters. 

When trying to understand the fit of your glasses, the most important measurement to consider is the first number, the lens width. 

  Frames by Hubble come in 3 sizes —

  • Narrow ≤ 48 mm lens width 
  • Medium 49 mm - 53 mm lens width 
  • Wide ≥ 54 mm lens width 

Every face is different, and every manufacturer measures their glasses differently — if your measurements are close to another size band, don't hesitate to size up or down.

You'll want to find frames that will match as closely as possible with the lens width of your current glasses. If it turns out you are in between sizes and you are not sure which size will be the best fit, here are some tips to help you.  

  • Your pupils should be near the center of the lens, with your eyeglasses sitting comfortably on the bridge of your nose.
  • Lenses shouldn't extend past the side of your face.
  • The temples should be almost parallel to the floor. 
  • Eyebrows should not be inside the glasses. 
  • When you smile, your cheeks shouldn't push the frames up. 
  • Frames shouldn't slide down your nose. 

Pro Tip: Most people wear 'medium'- sized frames. 

If your frames don't quite fit correctly, your local optician's shop can make some quick adjustments to the following issues —

  • Frames are too tight or loose behind your ears.
  • The temples are too short or too long.
  • The temples are too tight or loose at the side of your face.
  • The frames are crooked or slide down your face.
  • Screws loosen over time.

Most opticians are willing to make these alterations free of charge. 

Referencing our model photos is another way to get an idea of the right fit for you. 

If you are still having trouble, you can utilize our Chat Portal or email Hubble a well-lit photo of your face, and we can assist you by recommending the right glasses for you. 


Choosing color and design is the last step to finding the perfect frames. 

Three features are typically considered when deciding which color and design of frames to purchase — skin tone, hair color, and eye color. 

Your skin tone is the first feature you want to analyze — making sure to select frames that complement your natural tone. 

  • Warm Skin-Tones: Warmer colorations such as yellow or green undertones work best with light tortoises, brown, olive green, pink, orange, and red frames.
  • Cool Skin-Tones: Cooler colorations with blue, pink, and silver undertones pair best with black, silver, dark tortoises, pink, purple, blue, mauve, and gray frames. 

Another prominent, and for some ever-changing, feature to consider is our hair color. 

Similar to our skin tone, hair color also has both warm and cool variations. 

  • Blond and Light Brown Hair Colors: Due to the lighter hue of the hair, darker frames tend to pair favorably like black, brown, dark blue, and purple. 
  • Dark Brown and Black Hair Colors: Luckily for you, almost all colors pair perfectly with your hair color — allowing for much more variety. Dark brown hair colors work well with green, red, and gold framed lenses. As for black hair, you can't go wrong with any color frames. 
  • Red Hair Colors: Everyone loves a good tortoiseshell, and red hair may just be its perfect match. Other color frames that complement red hair are gold, green, and red. 
  • White and Gray Hair Colors: Yes, this includes you too salt and pepper hair! A lovely contrasting and bold look pairs perfectly with your years of wisdom, such as bright reds, vibrant purples, and a pop of shiny black frames. 

We haven't addressed all of our features yet. Perhaps your most vital feature, your eye color — after all, your frames highlight your eyes. 

Choosing frames to match your eye color may be your most straightforward decision yet. 

Simply match your frames to your unique eye color. Yes, it's that simple! 

Side note, ever notice how your eyes pop when you wear colors and tones that match them. The same concept applies to finding the perfect frames to make your eyes stand out. We'll go a step further to outline the precise colors that pair best with your eyes: 

  • Blue Eyes: Having blue eyes allows you to be creative and utilize an array of lighter color frames, especially blues of any style. Gray frames also complement your radiant blue eyes. Blue eyes even pair fantastically with browns and tortoiseshell frames. 
  • Green Eyes: You rare lucky few look fantastic in earthy browns, green and gold frames. Pink and purple frames can also make your incredibly unique green eyes stand out. 
  • Brown Eyes: Most people fall into the brown eye color realm, but that doesn't mean you can't make your brown eyes stand out. Brown eyes pair well with green and brown frames, and if you want to make a statement try a pair of tortoiseshell frames. 

We haven't forgotten about the trendsetters out there — those of you that love change and some flair. Perhaps you like to change your hair color often or pop in a pair of color contacts, or just periodically switch up your style. 

We've got you covered with a few tips that are sure to have you looking fabulous in a fresh pair of Hubble frames. 

  • Highlight or Contrast: Mix it up and have some fun! There are tons of different styles and ways to change it up to fit your unique fashion. You can try switching between a frame that highlights your skin tone or hair color and a frame that adds a cool contrast. You'll be adding dimension and style to your look. 
  • Choose Between Different Features: The options are limitless, so explore your various features from one day to the next. While making sure your glasses fit your face shape is always good, you can still make a statement by accentuating different features with their paired frames. You can play around with skin tone, hair color, and eye color, mixing and matching Hubble frames, all while looking your best. 
  • Tortoiseshell is Always a Good Choice: A tortoiseshell frame is a great way to add a fun and chic style to your look — they look amazing on just about everyone. Our Hubble tortoiseshell frames are available in every frame shape, so you'll always find the complimenting style for your face shape. Choose from any one of our seven unique tortoiseshell designs or all; we support your exploration.

Whether you're in need of new prescription glasses or looking for a fresh pair of fashionable sunglasses, Frames by Hubble has you covered. 

Our frames are available in a standard, blue light, or polarized lens type, and all Hubble frames are made from high-quality cellulose acetate — a plastic derived from cotton. Acetate is exceptionally durable, comfortable, and malleable enough to fit any face size, ensuring longevity. 

Finding the right frames for you has never been easier! 

So change it up, spice it up and remember tortoiseshell frames are always guaranteed a winner. 

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