7 sunglass trends you don't want to miss this Spring

Wed, April 6th, 2022

Fashion trends for 2022 are as bold and unique as can be expected after two long years of hibernation.

This Spring's sunglasses fashion trends are here to make a statement; we're ready for nice weather and getting out and about again. 

With new shapes, color choices, and lens shades to choose from, why not go all out. 

Hubble has once again done their due diligence on the fashion front to bring you 7 of the trendiest sunglass styles that'll make you the center of the universe this Spring. 

So, whether you're shopping for new sunglasses for that long-awaited Spring break or simply need new shades for your strut in the sun, we've got you covered. 

7 sunglass trends that'll brighten up your ensemble:

We've scoured every corner of the internet, taken a deep dive into the latest fashion trends, and read a few too many fashion magazines to put together a list of 7 sunglass trends you don't want to miss this Spring. 


 Pastel colors on acetate frames are a fashion must-have this Spring. Sunglasses in blush pink, mint green, baby blue, soft yellow, light violet, and peachy orange look good on just about everyone. With so many fun pastel colors to choose from, you're bound to find a color that suits all your unique features. Pastels aren't only trending in the eyewear world. You'll see pastels dominating the fashion scene, from handbags and sneakers to the latest crop tops on the rack. So, mix and match your shades with your Spring get-up for a fun, playful look. Hubble's pastel choice is none other than our Cassini sunglasses in Blush Crystal. These shades pair perfectly with any outfit choice and can even be dressed up for formal events. Rock those pastels everywhere you go this Spring and don't miss a beat.

Hubble's Cassini Sunglasses


Bright and Bold

 Oversized and vibrant sunglasses are making a statement like none other this Spring–what better way to make your emergence from tundra to springtime sun than with bright colors and bold shapes. This fashion trend lets your shades do all the talking, so pair them with your most casual spring look and let your eyes be the center of attention. Hubble's Lyra sunglasses in Mars Crystal give off just the right amount of flash and boldness, and their vibrant red frames will let you stand out in any setting. 

 Hubble's Lyra Sunglasses


There is always that one tried and true fashion staple that never goes out of style. When it comes to sunglasses, the classic style is everlasting and always appropriate. If you're searching for shades that unfailingly fit the season, occasion, and trending fashion, look no further than the timeless Nebula sunglasses in Black Tortoise. These elegant tortoise frames look great on just about any face shape and pair flawlessly with all of the latest spring trends. 

Hubble's Nebula Sunglasses

Angular & Chunky 

A fad sweeping through 2022 is sharp angles on thick frames. This trend can be achieved with various frame styles, perfectly fitting all face types. Someone with a round face may find square shades better fit their features, whereas someone with an oval face will find rectangular frame styles better serve them. Hubble's Titan shades have a chunky rectangular frame and an elegant shape to suit most face types. Titan's champagne crystal color will give you a refreshing spring look. 

Hubble's Titan Sunglasses

Tortoise Cat Eye

Cat-eye frames have been all the rage for glasses but have recently turned to sunglasses in flashy fashion. This is a fashion trend whose sole intention is to get more colorful and fun with each passing season. If you're looking for a cat-eye style flex no one can ignore, you'll love Hubble's Juno shades in Aurora Tortoise. These sunglasses pair a subtle cat-eye with a bold color scheme to match all the blossoming vibrancy of Spring. 

Hubble's Juno Sunglasses


Tinted Lenses 

Another sunglasses trend making a statement in 2022 is tinted lenses. These lenses spice up even the most minimal shades, allowing your eyes to remain the focal point. You can find these shades in various tints like rosy red, emerald green, light brown, soft yellow, baby blue, and tangerine orange. Hubble's Artemis sunglasses in butterscotch have a greenish tint to let your eyes remain visible even on the sunniest of days. Don't worry; Artemis shades still block 99% of dangerous UVA and UVB rays—no more hiding those glamorous peepers. 

Hubble's Artemis Sunglasses


Gemstone Acetate

If the white elephant trend this Spring isn't apparent yet, I'll point it straight out, color. Spring 2022 is bursting with colorful and vibrant trends in every fashion industry sector, and the eyewear realm is no different. So, it comes as no surprise that gemstone shades are gaining momentum this Spring. When paired with Acetate frames, jewel-tone sunglasses are the ideal bold accessory. Hubble's Titania shades in Midnight Blue are the perfect blend of acetate with a vibrant gem-like pop—making any Spring look an instant crowd-pleaser. The roundness of these sunglasses also brings a geek-chic look into play, and we all love a good old fashion hipster look.

Hubble's Titania Sunglasses


Ready to try Shades by Hubble?

Sunglasses have become a fashion accessory for displaying our unique personalities and accentuating our differentiating features, but we can't forget their primary purpose, protecting our eyes. 

Exposing your eyes to UV rays can harm your vision and put you at risk for numerous eye issues such as cataracts, macular degeneration, corneal sunburn, and skin cancer around the eyelids. In addition, UV rays don't just come from direct contact with or looking at the sun but also from reflective surfaces such as water, snow, sand, and the ground. So, wearing sunglasses is pivotal to the longevity of your vision.

When shopping for sunglasses, trends and fashion are a bonus, but you should be looking for shades that block at least 99% of UVA and UVB rays and are anti-glare. 

Hubble's Quality Design:

  • Hubble's cellulose acetate frames are derived from natural fibers, have double barrel hinges, and padded temple tips for extra comfort. 
  • All Hubble sunglasses include impact-resistant polarized lenses that block 99% of UVA and UVB rays, eliminate glare, and improve optical perception. 
  • Hubble's construction process includes actual humans that hand-assemble each pair and polish them to deliver. You'll see our devotion to craft down to the minute details. 
  • Hubble sunglasses come in non-prescription, readers, and single-vision, and all our sunglasses are anti-scratch and polarized. 

Easily add your prescription to your sunglasses order, and you'll be on your way to receiving fresh shades that will have you seeing all of Spring's beauty as clearly as possible. 

Furthermore, your Hubble shades come with a stylish trifold hardshell carrying case for easy transport and safe storage, along with a microfiber cloth for spotless cleaning of your new sunglasses. 

Spring is calling, and it's time to enjoy the sun safely and stylishly, so find the trend that best fits your personality and Spring apparel—heck, get them all and showcase your fierce originality all Spring long. 

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